Responding to risk events without proper tools can be too slow and also binds the know-how / learning to individual people, not the whole organization.

The Risk Response module add-on helps keep centralised control, but at the same time allows direct local-level communication between all relevant stakeholders.

Although Meercat® Risk Response allows you to manually add risk events at any time, it works best with an external risk information provider that can automatically feed risk information into our system. We have an out-of-the-box interface to riskmethods - they scour the Internet using their advanced engine in search of any information that is relevant for your supply chain, regardless of source language or time of the day.

riskmethods GmbH empowers businesses with a solution to identify, assess and mitigate supply chain risk. By using artificial intelligence, they help automate and accelerate threat detection, enabling clients to gain competitive advantage with a well-managed approach to meeting customer demands, protecting reputation and reducing total cost of risk.